"Volunteers are common people, who do uncommon things"

Some tips, how you can help.

About Volunteering

Volunteer is everyone, who in his free time and without any payment do activities to help other people. For those activities, they only receive good feeling, experiences, friendship and smile on cheeks of people. 
Saint Joseph's Home does many activities, that many of them requires help of our friends, relatives or volunteers. For us a volunteer is a person, who sacrifice his free time to help us in maintenance of this home in common days and also on special occasions. He offers his energy, knowledge, interests and time and work only as much as he can or want. Some of our permanent volunteers became our employees. Our biggest partner in providing us with volunteers is volunteer centre Arnika in Dvůr Králové.
It's almost impossible to set limits on how much volunteers we need, and who help is more helpful. We are very grateful for every help you can provide.

Story that really had happened

Owing to CISV (Children's International Summer Villages) we welcomed more than 20 voluneteers from all the corners of the world. Although they had different habbits and different culture, they all got united to help patients in Saint Joseph's Home.

"There were wonderful two weeks in my life." We playd, we travelled, we chatted, we relaxed together with young people. There were times full of hope and hapiness." (Pavel, patient with multiple sclerosis)

Thank you very much!


Don't be afraid!
You can do something similar and help our patients!
You can make the world better!






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