Provided Services

The Saint Joseph’s Home provides help for people with multiple sclerosis.

Currently we have three departments (permanent residency, health, relieving), with a total capacity of 88 patients. 29 of those are permanent residence and they can live as intense as possible. Another 28 patients, who can be in treatment up to two months, participate in a program that helps them deal with their disabilities and the management of the disease. And the rest, 29 people can stay in our facility one month a year to relax while sharing experiences in common with other patients.

In campus, we also have Garden House with two flats. This accommodation is for disabled people and their relatives. Here is also beautiful baroque Jesuits church dedicated to saint Anna. And we also have beautiful park right next to Garden House. Our patients can also relax in our herbal garden located between Saint Damian and Garden House.

The Saint Joseph’s Home is only facility of its kind in Czech Republic, so we’re also trying to help patients at home, by providing them with compensation aid and consulting.

For visitors and accompaniment, we can offer accommodation, commented excursions and all-day catering.


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