"Home isn't where our house is,
but wherever we are understood"
Christian Morgenstern

1 mission

The mission of Saint Joseph's Home (Domov sv. Josefa in Czech) is to provide meaningful life for people with multiple sclerosis.

5 activities

specialized rehabilitation, psychotherapy and spiritual accompanying, ergotherapy and speech therapy, leisure activities, education and internships

5 goals

health improvement, cope with diagnosis, allow self-realization,
social inclusion, sharing experiences

15,000 days of comprehensive care

Although Saint Joseph's is the only inpatient facility of the diagnosis in the Czech Republic, professional care and true home environment are our priorities.

19,000 patients with multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is one of the most serious and frequent neurological diseases. There si 19,000 patients throughout the Czech Republic. However, there is no national concept of the care of the diseased and insurance companies do not support the care.


We help people with multiple sclerosis to live meaningful life.

Thank you for helping with us!
Together let's beat multiple sclerosis!


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Although Honza Dusek, patient with multiple sclerosis, is trapped to a wheelchair, he has decided to overcome a 640 km long trip to Santiago de Compostela. He could never have fulfilled his dream without financial support and selfless help of many people, including his nine-years-old son. Read more.


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